Labor Day Barbeque Bonanza


It’s time to celebrate contributions to the American workforce! Gather with your work pals over the long weekend and have a barbeque. Never hosted a party? No problem! As long as you have three elements (flair, flavor and fun) everyone is bound to punch in for a great time.

The Flair

Ambience is everything. The term party doesn’t mean a ton of paper goods and balloons either. Make the most of the things you already have around the house or invest in repurposable items for any occasion.

Chalkboards are your friend. Not only are they trending but also awesomely reusable. I have a few laying around my house left over from my wedding. The giant bistro floor size sign welcomes guests at the door, assuring them they found the right place. Small hanging signs proudly display food and drink options. The various sizes are great for creating flow and carrying a theme, easily swapped out with a swipe.

Think color, not shapes. Fourth of July just ended. I’m sure, like me, you have some red, white and blue laying around. If you skipped decorating for Independence Day, bring out the red and white accents you stashed from Valentine’s day or Christmas. White tea lights in a red votive holder, red ribbon tied around blue napkins, and even blue beverages over ice set the theme without you ever having to set foot in a party supply store.

The Flavor

America is a melting pot of cultures but how do you feed so many palettes? My advice: variety.

Never have just one item to pick from. Offset heath nuts and junk food junkies by having both veggies and chips to snack on before the main meal. Barbeque both burgers and hot dogs. Most people like one or the other if not both. If you’re grilling steak, have some chicken on the side for those who don’t eat red meat. Finally, cake and ice cream. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t like cake (my husband, cough). Serving ice cream gives them a dessert option, thus saving them from confessing their sweet tooth treason to everyone in the room.

The Fun

Murder mystery dinners are fun, but giant group activities aren’t a necessity for mingling. The low hum of music and a few strategically placed items can do the trick.

My portable music player is my favorite device. I can lug that thing anywhere, cutting through looming awkward silences. Guests can chat about the music they like, seeing the band live, or how much they hate the song currently playing.

Keep some items to fiddle with around the area. Playing cards, board games, photo albums, and coffee table books can keep guests occupied without an agenda. Consider a football, frisbee, or hacky sack for outdoors. Letting out the playful inner child of every adult sets a lively mood.

In the end, have fun with it! Thank you for laboring in the American workforce. The economy salutes you.

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